Industrial Training Centers

CJSC Stroytransgaz was the first Russian company to open a network of industrial training centers fitted out with modern equipment and production facilities to train and retrain workers and professionals required for construction, renovation and maintenance of fuel and energy facilities. These centers also provide initial and regular mandatory appraisals of welding equipment, materials, technologies and procedures.

We develop expertise and drive knowledge-building through our comprehensive portfolio of learning programs blended with on-the-job learning which are implemented in compliance with applicable HSE requirements.

Our training centers own all necessary equipment and leading-edge technologies to offer comprehensive training and development programs, including theoretical and practical learning, and to host initial and follow-up certification of welding equipment, materials, technology, and processes.

The company has a license to provide educational services and our centers have capacity to provide training in 38 professions. These centers can annually train up to 4,000 employees of CJSC Stroytransgaz, our partners, and other stakeholders.

Training Centers Expertise

CJSC Stroytransgaz Training Centers offer the following three sets of services:

  • training and professional advancement of front-line workers (welders; bulldozer, excavator and pipelayer operators; pipeline insulation workers, etc.); 
  • development and professional advancement of engineers with a focus on organizing works utilizing state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and materials;
  • organizing tests and certification of new technology, processes, equipment, and materials.

Theoretical workshops at CJSC Stroytransgaz centers are delivered by leading specialists from industry research institutes and universities as well as specialized companies.

Theoretical and hands-on sessions include internal tests.

Once a program is completed, the trainees take qualification exams and successful trainees receive standard professional qualification diplomas which are necessary for further certification with the National Welding Control Agency.

In addition, our centers develop and certify technologies, processes, equipment, and materials that were devised by Stroytransgaz employees or were selected for a particular project. In this case, the centers can also train the customer employees and do necessary tests and improvements.

The first of our centers, titled the Gagarin Base, was opened in 2008 in the town of Gagarin, Smolensk Region and can accommodate over 1, 500 trainees per year. Our second training center was opened in Tomsk in 2011 and can train up to 2, 500 specialists per year.

Our company now intends to set up new training centers in Yugorsk (Tyumen Region) and Khabarovsk. Going forward, as CJSC Stroytransgaz expands its business, similar centers will be opened in other Russian regions which are of a strategic importance in terms of hydrocarbons production and transportation.

Each of our industrial centers includes:

  • engineering and experiment facilities and certification stations;
  • research and teaching labs;
  • welding shop;
  • testing lab and a machine workshop;
  • teaching rooms and dormitory;
  • storage facility for equipment, consumables, and spare parts.

The Gagarin Base has the facilities to provide pipeline construction practical training using automatic welding systems. The Tomsk center includes a testing and demonstration range for heavy excavation machines.

You can find programs for every professional level, from newcomers to executives.

If you want to develop your personnel and have them practice new technology and processes, you can send a corresponding request to us or fill out a preliminary application at our website.