Engineering & Consulting

CJSC Stroytransgaz provides a wide range of Engineering & Consulting services, including research, projection, preparation of all types of documents, transportation and financial feasibility studies, research and development work.

Thanks to our expertise we can guarantee that in each project we deliver the best value for money and that all safety and technology requirements are met.

We have experience and expertise to perform:

  • Pre-project research; 
  • Development of production processes and scheduling; 
  • Technological documentation, flow diagrams and maps; 
  • Shipping, routing and storage technology and planning;
  • Maintenance planning, scheduling and tracking;
  • Quality control planning, scheduling and tracking.

We are proud to offer our Research & Development services in the following fields:

  • Improving and combining modern technologies;
  • Modernization and adaptation of existing equipment and materials to project requirements;
  • Designing, testing and implementation of new equipment and materials.

We invest heavily in developing the network of industrial training centers to help our customers train their personnel in desired professions and technology.

CJSC Stroytransgaz Training Centers offer the following unique services:

  • Teaching and training of personnel in all types of technology and procedures; 
  • Pre-project training of comprehensive teams;
  • Testing and certification of new technologies, procedures, equipment and materials.