Repair & Maintenance Services

CJSC Stroytransgaz provides full, comprehensive Repair Services at any oil and gas facilities, including:

  • replacement of pipeline insulation;
  • pipeline repairs using sealing rings;
  • pipeline section relaying;
  • capital repairs of gas distribution stations;
  • capital repairs of communication lines, pipeline service facilities, water supply systems, cathodic protection systems, automatic control systems, buildings, etc;
  • comprehensive quality control.

CJSC Stroytransgaz has been involved in Gazprom’s major repair projects in over 20 Russian regions (5 Gazprom subsidiaries, such as Gazprom transgaz Tomsk, Gazprom transgaz Makhachkala, Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk, Gazprom transgaz Surgut, Gazprom transgaz Saratov). We have more than 40 repair contracts; the number of repaired objects exceeds 4,000. 

CJSC Stroytransgaz offers a wide range of Maintenance operations for oil and gas facilities over their service life.

These include several Basic Diagnosing methods such as:

  • pipeline integrity inspection using magnetic flux leakage pigs for gas pipelines and ultrasonic pigs for oil pipelines;
  • acoustic emission monitoring in pipelines.

CJSC Stroytransgaz specialists have expertise and experience unparalleled in Russia when it comes to using automated ultrasound flaw detection systems which help minimize transport systems’ failure risks and save the customer’s money.

In 2010, our team was the first one to apply automated ultrasound pigs to inspect a pipeline section at the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, namely an out-of-service pipeline running at the Novorossiysk port. In 2012 and 2013 we – as part of the scheduled maintenance program – re-inspected three sections of the CPC system at the port of Novorossiysk.

Leveraging the best people and innovative technologies, CJSC Stroytransgaz implements all its projects safely, reliably and up to the highest quality standard regardless of the operating conditions.