Certificates & Licenses

SRO the self-regulation organization Russian Oil & Gas Contractors Union License

Document validity – without limitation
Scope of operation: Services and operations affecting the safety of objects of major construction.

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Statement on Organizational and Technical Readiness for the Performance of Major Construction and Reconstruction Works on OAO Gazprom's Gas Transport Objects

Document validity – February 16, 2018
Scope of operation: general contractor functions.

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License for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Laboratories according to the Unified Conformity Assessment System in the Sphere of Ecological and Industrial Safety

Document validity – November 8, 2016
Scope of operation: Testing of gas and oil products pipelines, oil and oil products reservoirs, wells exploitation equipment, equipment of chemical, oil and chemical and oil processing plants, etc.

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License for educational activity

Document validity – without limitation 
Scope of operation: The right to provide educational services for the implementation of educational programs by type of education, by level of education, by professions, specialties, areas of training (for the professional education).

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Sanitary-Epidemiological Statement on Radiation Safety with X-ray Flow Detection Equipment

Document validity – July 18, 2017
Scope of operation: buildings, constructions, facilities, premises, equipment and other property used to carry out the operations and linked with the use of ionizing radiation sources; exploitation and storage of X-ray machines.

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Certificate of admission to a particular type or types of works which influence the security of capital construction

Document validity – without limitation
Scope of operation: Work on preparing the scheme of planning organization of land, work on preparing information about the external networks of technical maintenance and the list of engineering activities, preparation of the technological solutions, organization of preparation of project documentation, attracted developer or customer in a contract by legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

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