CJSC Stroytransgaz summarizes the year of 2014

March 5, 2015

CJSC Stroytransgaz built 625.4 km of main oil and gas pipelines, including 453.8 km of gas pipelines and 171.6 km of oil pipelines in 2014. This is 2.4 times more than that of the previous year. There have been laid more than 111 km of a motor road as a part of these sites` construction.

The company has enhanced its production performance, including the construction of the sites: compressor stations Kazachya, Mikun, Aleksandrovskaya, and Nevinnomyssk. The volume of implemented concrete works made 35.1 thou. m3 in 2014 (it is 2.43 times more than in 2013); the volume of steelwork erection made 3.9 thou. tons (2.5 times growth); the length of the laid pipeline made 66.3 km (13.8 times growth).

The number of sites where CJSC Stroytransgaz fulfilled technical maintenance increased almost two times: for the year this figure grew from 813 units to 1,719 units. The number of sites where there have been made overhauls reached 745 sites (increase made 10.5%), the length of main pipelines where there have been made overhauls increased up to 457.6 km (increase by 2%). In 2014 the company also started providing services in diagnostic research of oil and gas sites and implemented this kind of work at 1,547 sites.

Therewith, CJSC Stroytransgaz has increased its own park of the construction machines by 12.3% up to 2,979 units within this year.

“In 2014 we managed to significantly enlarge the order portfolio and achieve high production results. That became possible due to the organized management system, the use of high-end technology, the professionalism of the company`s and the subsidiaries` personnel. This situation will enable us to be more confident when dealing with large-scale projects of our customers”, remarked Vladimir Kartashyan, General Director of CJSC Stroytransgaz.


CJSC Stroytransgaz is one of the leading construction companies of Russia implementing high technology “turn-key” oil and gas projects; a construction partner of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline, Baltic Pipeline System 2 (BPS-2), the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas pipeline system, the Southern Corridor gas pipeline system including the Kazachya compressor station, and the Power of Siberia gas transportation system facilities.