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CJSC Stroytransgaz Starts Kazachya Station Construction

May 15, 2013

Construction of the Kazachya Compressor Station began today in the Krasnodar Area. Representatives of Gazprom, Gazprom Invest and CJSC Stroytransgaz attended the official kick-off ceremony to see the first foundation concrete poured.

Start of the Kazachya station construction is an important milestone for the project to build the Southern Corridor gas transportation system. The system will feed gas into the South Stream pipeline running across the Black Sea and supply gas to Russia’s central and southern regions.

The compressor station will have a total capacity of 200 MW and will be the key facility of the Southern Corridor. It will condition the gas to be further transported to Europe by stripping it of moisture, heavy hydrocarbons, and solids so that the gas pipeline operates smoothly.

“This is indeed a large-scale construction project unprecedented for southern Russia,” Anton Rae, Stroytransgaz CEO said.

A pre-transportation gas treatment unit that will be built here to condition the gas will have a peak capacity of 192.5 mcm per day with the average at 172 mcm. At present there is only one similar capacity unit in Russia (and across the globe), the one at the Portovaya station which is a part of the Nord Stream pipeline project.

The unit is a huge facility weighing over 12,000 tons. Its main components are 20 adsorbers 225 tons heavy, 22 m high and up to 6 m wide each. Delivering these pieces of equipment to the site will present enormous challenges that will have to be resolved. Special barges will deliver the equipment from the port of Temryuk to Varenikovskaya village upstream the Kuban River. To make that possible, the Temryuk port’s mooring will be reinforced, a new mooring will be built at Varenikovskaya and the river bed will be dredged. After that, the adsorbers will be transported to the station using special road platforms – a new road with heavy-duty pavement will be built.

The project’s exceptional scale also shows in the number of workers and machines to be involved in it – over 2,000 people and more than 800 machines, including heavy ones. The compressor station will occupy an overall process area of 105,000 m2.

The project will leverage the best and most up-to-date environmental standards. After the construction is completed, 91.3 ha will be remediated and greened.

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CJSC Stroytransgaz is one of Russia’s leading construction companies that provides Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance services related to large-scale infrastructure projects in the global oil and gas industry. The company has been part of such projects as ESPO, BPS-2, the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta pipeline, and the Southern Corridor. For more information, visit

The Kazachya Compressor Station will be built in two phases. Gazprom is the project’s investor and Gazprom Invest is the customer. Stroytransgaz was selected the general contractor for the construction Phase 1.

Kazachya station construction Phase 1 will be finished in 39 months in 2016. Phase 1 includes a capacity of 100 MW (generated by four GPA-25 gas pumping units). The output gas pressure generated will be 11.8 MPa. Phase 2 is to be carried out in 2016-2017 and is to double the station’s total capacity to 200 MW.

The Gazprom Group has embarked on the Southern Corridor project pursuing two goals: to supply additional natural gas to Russia’s central and southern regions fostering the development of local industries and public services and bringing gas to new households; and to deliver gas to be fed into the South Stream pipeline running across the Black Sea (thus diversifying export routes to Southern and Central Europe).

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